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We are nourishing a better world

Our Strategy

At Grupo Bimbo we believe that creating a better world is a task that concerns us all.

Since 1945, the year Grupo Bimbo was created, its founders decided to build a company that was not only profitable but also based on universal values to ensure that it could help communities strive and associates to grow in a company where they could come to work and develop professional skills, but also where they could come and feel happy while developing in personal aspects.

Our strategy
Our strategy
baked for you

Baked for you

Enable Planetary Diets with Nutritional Diversity

• Best Nutritional Profiles For All

• Enabling Healthier Plant Based Diets

• Nutritional Transparency


Become a net zero carbon and zero waste business

para la naturaleza

• Net Zero Emissions

• Sustainable Packaging

• Regenerative Agriculture

Grupo Bimbo


Improve The Lives Of Everyone We Reach


• Strengthening Communities

• Nurturing your life

Our Foundations
Our Foundations


Delivering solid results.
See the complete list of the company's annual reports and download.

Check and download our quarterly reports.

We invite you to examine the reports submitted to the Mexican Stock Exchange.