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Alfonso Velasco

Alfonso Velasco

Was born in Irolo, State of Hidalgo in 1904. He was sent by his father to Chicago Illinois to the now internationally recognized American Institute of Baking (AIB) to become a Baking Technician. His great knowledge together with his great expertise made him the most outstanding technician of his time in this field in Mexico and Latin America.

His father, Martin Velasco had been the founders of Pan Ideal, the first Mexican loaf bread baking company.

Don Lorenzo proposed to Mr. Alfonso Velasco to join them as industrial partner.

Don Alonso became Technical Director of Bimbo and made various and important contributions such as presenting to the partners a list of names for the emerging partnership among which Bimbo was one of the names. He was in charge of installing the boiler, ovens and machinery necessary to startup production, asides from making novel machinery innovations to improve the production process. 

Don Alfonso Velasco died in 1978.