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Lorenzo Servitje

Lorenzo Servitje

He was born in the capital of Mexico on November 20, 1918. His father, a Catalan immigrant, opened his own bakery in 1928 in association with Messrs. Bonet and Tinoco, under the name of El Molino. Don Lorenzo used to work in this bakery since he was sixteen in his spare time.

While studying as a public accountant at UNAM, his father died suddenly and Don Lorenzo took over the El Molino Pastry Shop, from 1937 to 1945.

Fundadores Grupo Bimbo

In 1945, Don Lorenzo Servitje together with Jaime Jorba, Jaime Sendra, Alfonso Velasco and José T. Mata founded Panificación Bimbo devoted to making loaf bread.

Don Lorenzo was its first manager from 1945 to 1963; he then became Director and President of Grupo Bimbo SA de CV from 1936 to 1981, and since then until 1994, continued contributing as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Don Lorenzo Servitje

He has received innumerable acknowledgements for his entrepreneurial expertise and example and as a person concerned for the sake of the country.

The entrepreneurial spirit he contributed to shape, stresses the importance of working to provide fertile ground for the development of human values.

Don Lorenzo Servitje died on February 3, 2017, in Mexico City, at 98 years of age. Today he is remembered as a great man, a leader, and an inspiration within Grupo Bimbo.